Widget Visibility

Widget Visibility requires the Jetpack plugin.

Jetpack includes a very clever addon that allows you to show and hide plugins based upon a variety of rules that you define.

To make use of the Widget Visibility plugin you should:

  1. Ensure Widget Visibility is enabled in the Jetpack Settings
  2. Go to the Customizer and open up the widget you wish to modify
  3. Click the 'visibility' button to open up the visibility properties
  4. Add the rules you want to use to show and hide the widgets. I recommend keeping these rules as simple as possible - too many and it can get very confusing!
  5. Press Save

For more info check out the widget visibility docs on the official Jetpack website.

Supported Themes

Carmack, Traveler, Broadsheet, Label, Chronicle, Exhibit, Passenger, Puzzle, Monet, Romero, Opti, Mimbo Pro, Lens, Mirror, Beacon, Bromley, Kent, Bexley, Isca



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