Why buy a WordPress theme from Pro Theme Design?

On this page you will learn:

Small businesses like yours, have successfully used Pro Theme Design themes to improve their websites, or their clients websites, for many years now. We released our first theme in 2007 and have been regularly releasing new themes since.

Pro Theme Design is Unique

The benefit of being small is that we can give things the personal touch. In fact when you contact us you will talk directly to us. Who better to answer your questions about your new theme than the person who made it!

Another unique thing about us is that all of our themes have been code reviewed by a third party. What this means is that an independant company has ensured that the code in our themes is secure, and solid. This means our themes are as safe as we can make them, and will run efficiently.

The WordPress Way

In 2014 we made a commitment to working the 'WordPress' way exclusively. This means we always follow best practices and coding standards, and we always use WordPress functionality rather than reinventing the wheel. How does this benefit you? There's a few ways.

  1. Using core WordPress functionality means that as WordPress is updated - your site, and theme, improves; and you don't have to do anything (besides update WordPress).
  2. Following WordPress coding standards means that our themes rarely break when there is a WordPress update. The less WordPress functionality a theme uses, the more likely it will be to fail when there is a WordPress update.

The 80% Rule

Customer feedback is important to us. Whether it's keeping notes on common support queries, or reading tweets about WordPress themes, we like to keep on top of the latest developments and feedback. Doing this allows us to learn and improve.

Now don't get me wrong - this doesn't mean that we will automatically add every feature that people ask for. What it does mean though is we will dig deeper to try and understand why the feature is being requested - and then take steps to address the root cause.

The 80% rule is a rule we follow when developing new functionality. For us to add something new, or change an existing feature, the change has to have a positive benefit for at least 80% of our users.

The Cost of Cheap Themes

Developing WordPress themes is an expensive business. On average it takes us 3 months to build each theme. In addition we have to test with new WordPress releases, fix bugs, add and improve the theme features, and offer support to customers of the theme. We also ensure that all of our themes are code reviewed - which means a more reliable website for our customers.

This is why cheap themes are bad. If you buy a theme for $20 then the theme developer is unlikely to cover their expenses. So they cut corners. Support for cheap themes is generally of poor quality, themes are not tested, and code is not optimized. These things mean a poor experience for the customer.

To save time cheaper themes often bundle third party scripts and plugins. However this means that the developers do not understand the code as well as they might. In addition - there have been some well publicised security flaws in a number of third party plugins that theme developers have bundled - which makes their customers more prone to security problems.

The Benefit of Simplicity

Some of the most popular WordPress themes are 'all in one' themes. Whilst they look nice on the outside, and in theme demos, they generally hide a miriad of problems. By trying to create a single theme that does everything for everyone, the theme developer generally makes a lot of complex code that is hard to maintain and hard to customise.

For the customer, this means that they will often struggle to get their website to look as nice as the theme demo.

The more complex code in these themes also means that if you were to hire someone to make changes, they would find it a lot harder to do so and so take longer, and cost you more in the long term.

By focusing on simplicity we avoid these problems.

Supported Plugins

To help make our themes simpler we support a number of plugins. This means that we can focus on our themes, and let the plugins do what they do best.