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Mimbo Pro is the original magazine theme, created in 2007 and updated for a modern internet. It takes your content and formats it in a structured way grouped by category.

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Getting Started

Documentation for WordPress.com is available here.

Homepage Layout

Mimbo Pro Homepage Layout
  1. Lead Featured Category The featured category is controlled via a property set in the Theme Options in the WordPress Admin.
  2. Carousel Posts selected from the Carousel Categories options in the Theme Options admin page will display in a rotating carousel here.
  3. Sidebar Left Widgets Add widgets to the widget stack called 'Sidebar Left' and they will be displayed here. Leave the widgets empty and the remaining content will scale to fit.
  4. Featured Categories Displays a list of categories and their most recent posts. Posts will only be shown once in the featured category list so if they are in multiple categories then they will be shown the first time and not subsequent times. This maximises the number of different posts shown on the homepage. You can select the categories in the Theme Options page in the admin.
  5. Sidebar Right Widgets Add widgets to the widget stack called 'Sidebar Right' and they will be displayed here. Leave the widgets empty and the remaining content will scale to fit.

Theme Options

Mimbo Pro has a number of theme settings that can be controlled through the settings page found in the WordPress Admin → Appearance → Theme Options menu page.

Customizer Settings

Mimbo Pro Cusomtizer Screenshot

Mimbo Pro uses the Customizer to allow you to change your websites colours. The colours combine automatically to create all of the shades required for your website.


Mimbo Pro has 5 optional sidebars. They will only display if they contain widgets.

The bottom sidebar is on all pages. Sidebar left and Sidebar Right will appear on the homepage and archive pages. Single Post Left and Single Post Right will appear on blog posts and pages - apart from those using the Full Width template.

Custom Templates

Mimbo Pro has 4 Custom Page Templates. These can be used as different layouts for your websites pages, or as a Custom Front Page.

Standard Features

Mimbo Pro has the following translations included:

Arabic, Belarusian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, mails



4.9.3 - 14th April 2021

4.9.2 - 17th March 2021

4.9.1 - 30th October 2020

4.9 - 8th October 2020

4.8.1 - 24th February 2019

4.8 - 30th December 2018

4.7 - 5th June 2018

4.6 - 25th May 2018

4.5.4 - 9th June 2017

4.5.3 - 11th January 2017

4.5.2 - 24th September 2016

4.5.1 - 15th July 2016

4.5 - 4th July 2016

4.4 - 28th May 2016



4.0 > 4.3

Unfortunately I don't have a record of which versions these changes came under - but the changes between 4.1 and 4.3 include:



Please note: Unfortunately we are unable to offer support or help with theme customizations. For more info on Customization services please go to our Theme Customization page.


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