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Mimbo Pro

A magazine theme that takes your content and formats it in a structured way grouped by category.

Mimbo Pro is a magazine theme for WordPress. Unlike a traditional blog theme it takes your content and formats it in a structured way grouped by category. Using all of the standard WordPress functionality, custom headers, custom backgrounds, post thumbnails, custom navigation and more – Mimbo Pro makes your content look awesome.

Featured Content

At the top of the homepage is a featured content space. This lets you show off your most important content. By default you Mimbo Pro displays all posts here – however you can restrict the content to specific categories by using the theme control panel – and selecting a featured category.

Homepage Carousel

Mimbo Pro features a homepage carousel that shows off your featured content. You can edit the carousel settings through the theme options.

Admin Panel to Control Homepage Settings

The carousel options allow you to change the carousel categories, the scroll speed of the category. 0 = no automatic scrolling, and a number greater than 0 is the amount of time to pause between scrolling. If you want you can also hide the carousel by selecting the hide option in the category selection.

Custom Colours

Mimbo Pro allows you to edit the theme colours from the theme customiser. This is a powerful feature that gives you the ability to make the theme fit your design and branding as closely as possible.

Category Summaries

Mimbo Pro allows you to display your categories on the homepage along with the 4 latest posts. We call this section the category summaries. By default all categories are displayed, however you can limit the theme to specific categories through the control panel.

Custom Sidebars

Mimbo Pro uses a series of custom sidebars to allow you to keep things nice and flexible.

Custom Widgets

Mimbo Pro includes some custom widgets that are unique to the theme.

Custom Templates

Mimbo Pro includes some custom page templates. These give you some additional functionality that you wouldn’t get with a normal theme.

Recommended plugins

Mimbo Pro Features View Docs for complete list

Featured Images

Image thumbnails for your blog posts and pages.


Search Engine Optimization to improve your sites rankings.

Custom Front Page

Change the design of your front page to make it exactly as you want.

Custom Colours and Fonts

Tweak the fonts and colours on your site without touching any code.

Image Resizing (Photon)

Resizes all of your images to fit the thumbnails used.

Custom CSS

Edit the CSS on your website.

Contact Form

Add a simple contact form to your website or blog.

Featured Images

Image thumbnails for your blog posts and pages.


View your theme in your native language.

Related Content

Display content, related to the current blog post, to give your readers something to look at next.

Social Sharing Buttons

Display social buttons that encourage readers to share your content.


Edit site settings and get a live preview of the changes.

Widget Visibility

Show and hide widgets on different pages according to rules you set

Mimbo Pro has the following translations included:

Arabic, Belarusian, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, mails


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