Infinite Scroll

Infinite Scroll requires the Jetpack plugin.

Infinite Scroll is a theme feature that continuosly loads new posts for your visitors to read. This happens on the home page and archive pages. It’s designed to help visitors read through many posts without effort.

As you get to the bottom of the page you'll see a loading icon display before the next set of posts load.


When Infinite scroll is enabled, you will see a basic footer containing your blog title, which readers can click to scroll back to the top.

If you have widgets in the footer then the theme will display a 'load more' button rather than automatically loading new posts.

Enabling Infinite Scroll

Infinite Scroll is an optional feature of the Jetpack plugin, and as such the plugin needs to be installed and activated.

Once activated go to the Jetpack settings page and look for the infinite scroll section - then click 'enable'.

Supported Themes

Carmack, Traveler, Broadsheet, Label, Chronicle, Exhibit, Passenger, Puzzle, Monet, Romero, Opti, Lens, Mirror, Beacon, Bromley, Kent, Bexley, Isca


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