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A newspaper theme with 3 optional widget areas, featured posts and a huge homepage slider there are lots of options for creating interesting, immersive websites.

Broadsheet is a newspaper theme. With 3 optional widget areas, and a huge homepage slider there are lots of options for creating interesting, immersive websites.


While Broadsheet was designed for newspaper style sites, it’s equally suitable for bloggers – with the widget sidebars that automatically hide when they are empty – you can make your Broadsheet powered site look however you want it to.

Your Design Everywhere

We designed Broadsheet to look good on all devices – from desktop computers and laptops to Android, to smartphones and tablets.

Featured Content Slider

The Homepage Image Slider is generated from a category specified in the Customizer options (in the Theme section).

All Languages

Broadsheet was crafted with care to work well in multiple languages, so it has full support for both left-to-right and right-to-left languages and is fully localised. If Broadsheet is not available in your language, you can find out how to translate it here.

Theme Options

Broadsheet has a variety of options to allow you to tweak and adjust the theme so that it works exactly as you want. All options work using the WordPress theme customizer which means you can preview the changes as you make them safe in the knowledge that your users won’t be seeing a broken website.

The Broadsheet options allow you to change the number of featured categories to display on the homepage (the thumbnail image column), whether or not to display the date and social links in the header, and what category to use for the slider.

Custom Headers and Backgrounds

Broadsheet gives you the ability to upload your own header images via Appearance → Header. You can also customize your blog with a background color or image by going to Appearance → Background.

Widget Areas

Broadsheet uses a series of custom sidebars to allow you to keep things nice and flexible. All widget areas will stay invisible if you don’t add any widgets to them.

Custom Templates

Broadsheet includes some custom page templates. These give you some additional functionality that you wouldn’t get with a normal theme.

Recommended plugins

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Tan Boy

Broadsheet Features View Docs for complete list

Featured Images

Image thumbnails for your blog posts and pages.

Infinite Scroll

Continuosly loading content to encourage your readers to stick around.

Social Menu

Display links to your social media channels.


Display comments from your users/ customers showing how much your product/ service benefits them.


Search Engine Optimization to improve your sites rankings.

Custom Front Page

Change the design of your front page to make it exactly as you want.

Custom Colours and Fonts

Tweak the fonts and colours on your site without touching any code.

Image Resizing (Photon)

Resizes all of your images to fit the thumbnails used.

Custom CSS

Edit the CSS on your website.

Contact Form

Add a simple contact form to your website or blog.

Featured Images

Image thumbnails for your blog posts and pages.


View your theme in your native language.

Related Content

Display content, related to the current blog post, to give your readers something to look at next.

Social Sharing Buttons

Display social buttons that encourage readers to share your content.


Edit site settings and get a live preview of the changes.

Widget Visibility

Show and hide widgets on different pages according to rules you set

Broadsheet has the following translations included:

Azerbaijani, Dutch, French, Japanese, Polish


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