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August 2013

Isca – new Tumblog Theme Coming Soon to

July 2013

Schedule content with Automatic Post Scheduler, Recommended WordPress Plugins – Ban spam with Akismet

June 2013

Why Building a Newsletter List Is so Important, Why You Must Start a Newsletter for a Successful Website

May 2013

5 Popular Newsletter Services to Kickstart your Newsletter Updates, 11 Things Your Boss Expects You to Know About WordPress, Website Content Strategy – Write a Blog Plan and Stick to It, What Twitter Can Teach You About WordPress

April 2013

Why Your Blogging Never Works Out the Way You Plan, Limit Login Attempts, 5 Ways WordPress can Make you Rich, 7 Blog Topics To Avoid

March 2013

11 Facts About Blogging That Will Keep You Up At Night, Mastering the Psychology of Colour Theory in Web Design, 12 WordPress Plugins to Connect Your Site to Social Networks, Optimise Your Website for Smartphones With These Top WordPress Plugins

February 2013

Enhance Your Blog Posts with Free Photos, 10 Website Design Sins, Opti Released, How to Find, Select, and Purchase the Perfect Domain Name, 9 Hot Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your Site

January 2013

10 Tips to Promote Your Website on Pinterest, Why You Should Keep WordPress (and Your Plugins) Up To Date, What’s Coming Up In WordPress 3.6, Mimbo Pro 4 Released – and a Change in Philosophy, A 10 Minute Guide to Getting Started With Google+, Helpful WordPress Websites

December 2012

5 Things to do to Prepare your Blog for the Holiday Season, 11 Top Tips for Twitter Success, WordPress Basics – The Difference Between Posts and Pages

November 2012

A Blogger’s Guide to Creating a Facebook Fan Page, What is the Difference Between and, Opti – A New Theme for

August 2012

The Pro Theme Design Rap

June 2012

Thanks to all Pro Theme Design Customers

April 2012

Mimbo Pro on

February 2012

Introducing Mimbo Pro 3.0

August 2011

Accumulo Theme – Photo and Advertising Updates, Nominate Broken Link Checking, TimThumb Security

July 2011

Customizing Nominate Article Fields

June 2011

Byline – A Real Magazine Theme

May 2011

New Gallery and Portfolio theme – Exhibitor

April 2011

Another Recent Elemental Testimonial, Awesome Testimonial

March 2011

How to Customise the Nominate Theme Homepage, Test Drive Pro Theme Design Themes

February 2011

Elemental Hub, For all Your Elemental News, Save Money on your Web Hosting with Cool Handle Hosting, Top WordPress Themes

January 2011

Meteora – New Portfolio and Magazine Theme, Translations and Localisation For all Themes

December 2010

Customising Pro Theme Design Child Themes, WPAdvent – WordPress Offers for the Holiday Season

November 2010

Pro Theme Design Helping Alzheimer’s Research

October 2010

User Site Showcase Released, More Nominate Updates

September 2010

Get More Bang for your Buck with Pro Theme Design, New Nominate Features Released

July 2010

Nominate, Social Voting Theme, Released, Nominate to be Released on Tue July 13th, New WordPress Theme Updates

June 2010

Coming Soon on Pro Theme Design, WordPress 3.0 and Mimbo Pro

March 2010

New Moderators Hired to Pro Theme

February 2010

Pro Theme Seeks to Hire Forum Moderators, WPVote – new site from Binary Moon

January 2010

New Features Added to Accumulo, Massive Upgrades to Elemental, Customizing Mimbo Pro’s Category Summary Display, Accumulo Aggregator Theme Released, Pro Theme Donating to Haiti Relief

December 2009

Creating Custom WordPress Widgets, Elemental Tip: Remove the Pro Theme Design Footer Link

November 2009

New Features Added to Mimbo Pro, New Features Added to Elemental

October 2009

New Pro Theme Design Launched

September 2009

Elemental – new theme release

July 2009

Independence Day Sale on Mimbo Pro and Dispatch

May 2009

Mimbo Pro 2.2.1 Upgrade Released, Dispatch: A Mimbo Pro Child Theme, Mimbo Pro 2.2 released

April 2009

Mimbo Pro 2.1 update released

March 2009

Mimbo Pro 2.0 Released

August 2008

Schools Back Discount Day – save 30%!

July 2008

Modifying Mimbo Pro part 2: Autoscrolling the Carousel

June 2008

Modifying Mimbo Pro 1: Custom Skins

May 2008

May Day sale special

April 2008

Mimbo Pro – Timthumb help and quickfixes, Free Icons: Circular Icon Set, Mimbo Pro and Pro Theme Design updates

March 2008

Mimbo Pro updates to version 1.1, Premium themes giving back to the community, Mimbo Pro Magazine Theme Released

February 2008

How to develop a theme offline

November 2007

Designing a theme isn’t easy
About Us

Pro Theme Design began in 2007 as a collaboration between two web designers...

Darren Hoyt
Darren Hoyt

Charlottesville, VA, USA

Established in the WordPress community for projects like Mimbo and Agregado, Darren also has 14 years experience designing websites for businesses and startups. His role at Pro Theme is taking what Ben builds and making it beautiful and simple to use.

Ben Gillbanks
Ben Gillbanks

Exeter, England, UK

Ben is a WordPress ninja, best known for creating Regulus. More recently he took over the development of the image-resize script TimThumb. He spends his time at Pro Theme Design turning Darren's ideas into reality.

Email us general questions or visit the support section with product questions.