Theme Requirements

There are a wide variety of server and browser setups - and we try to ensure our products work as well as possible. Below are a list of the requirements for using our themes.


We often make use of the latest WordPress functionality and so only support the latest version of WordPress. As such you should always update WordPress to the latest version before updating/ installing our themes.

Note: It's always recommended that you keep WordPress up to date since the latest version will always contain security updates - ensuring your site remains protected.

Server Software

Our themes run great with the default WordPress requirements.

Note that the WordPress requirements do change from time to time, so it's worth checking the official WordPress requirements page.

Web Browser

We use the latest web technologies to ensure our themes are as future proof as possible. This does mean some functionality won't work properly in older browsers - however we make sure the content will be visible in all browsers, it just may not look exactly the same.

Fully supported web browsers include:

For the best experience, and security we recommend you keep your browser up to date. Check our Browse Happy for a list of the most up to date web browsers.


We'd love to get some feedback to help us create better themes.

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