Theme Customization

Theme Customization Service

We have partnered with so that they can fulfill your customization needs. Just fill out the Theme Customization request form and they will get back to you with a quote.

Custom Colours and Fonts

We have developed a simple plugin, called Styleguide, that helps you to modify fonts in all of our themes, and colours in some of them (we plan to support colours in all of them in the future).

Custom CSS

If you have knowledge of CSS then the best option is to use the Custom CSS module of Jetpack to make CSS changes to your theme.

Child Theme

If you are an advanced developer then creating a WordPress child theme is the best option. Doing this allows you to override php files, enqueue new css and javascript, and generally change the theme without worrying about breaking the theme. There's a good post on Theme Shaper about child theme basics that should get you started.


We'd love to get some feedback to help us create better themes.

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