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August 2013

  • Aug 1, 2013

    Isca – New Tumblog Theme Coming Soon To

    Isca In Use

    Isca is the latest theme from Pro Theme Design. It’s an elegantly designed tumblog theme – designed to make the most of WordPress custom post formats. Like Opti before it – it will initially be published on only – and later released for all to use. The reason for this is that has… Read More ›

July 2013

  • Jul 10, 2013

    Schedule Content With Automatic Post Scheduler

    Posting regular content is essential when you’re trying to build a successful blog or website. Regular content is great for Google (and other search engines) as it creates more pages to index and more topics to list you under. Regular content is great for your users as it encourages them to return more frequently. However… Read More ›

  • Jul 3, 2013

    Recommended WordPress Plugins – Ban Spam With Akismet

    The Akismet plugin for WordPress solves a problem every blog must prepare for. We’ve all been there. You’ve finished your article and it’s ready to post. You think your content is fresh and new, and you’re ready to get the conversation started with your readers. You post, ready to watch the comments roll in. But… Read More ›

June 2013

  • Jun 26, 2013

    Why Building A Newsletter List Is So Important

    In order to build a successful online presence, it is vital to be able to connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer. It is always going to be a welcome sign to see that your blog is receiving increasing amounts of traffic, but for this to really matter it needs… Read More ›

  • Jun 12, 2013

    Why You Must Start A Newsletter For A Successful Website

    Why Have A Newsletter

    Let us imagine a website selling a new type of sportswear to a specific target audience. The webmaster has made the site easy to navigate, has incorporated the use of multiple social media platforms and has used advertising to help increase exposure. Nonetheless, traffic to the site remains consistent. People visit, browse a bit, and… Read More ›

May 2013

  • May 29, 2013

    5 Popular Newsletter Services To Kickstart Your Newsletter Updates


    There are a lot of things internet marketing experts disagree on. The power of email marketing is not one of them. You already know how effective email marketing can be, which is why you want to start your own newsletter updates. But there is a problem: there are hundreds of newsletter services out there, each… Read More ›

  • May 22, 2013

    11 Things Your Boss Expects You To Know About WordPress

    WordPress Like A Boss

    WordPress blogs have become an important tool for promoting businesses. There can be a bit of work involved in maintaining this online presence, and your boss may expect you to get involved – this person may even decide to hand over full responsibility of the blog to you. This new addition to your job description… Read More ›

  • May 15, 2013

    Website Content Strategy – Write A Blog Plan And Stick To It


    A few years ago, it would have been possible for somebody with no knowledge of marketing or business to launch a blog and end up making a decent amount of money. Others were quick to realise this and so things have become much more competitive now, and it is unlikely that a new blogger is… Read More ›

  • May 1, 2013

    What Twitter Can Teach You About WordPress


    On the face of it, Twitter and WordPress couldn’t be more different. Although they can be both be used for blogging and both are hugely popular, they’re poles apart in terms of both operation and usage. One is a fast-moving microblogging service that restricts users to posts of 140 characters and under. The other is… Read More ›

April 2013

  • Apr 24, 2013

    Why Your Blogging Never Works Out The Way You Plan

    Never Ending Planning

    If you are a blogger and your blog is not giving you the best outcome as you would like it to, you are probably making some basic blogging mistakes that you should avoid. In this article I’ve covered some of the most common, fixing these errors will help you to rise to the top! 1…. Read More ›

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