Become a WordPress Implementer

WordPress Implementors are becoming increasingly common in the WordPress community. These are people who implement WordPress for small businesses. Often they will setup WordPress for their client, and then buy a theme and customise it to fit the clients requirements.

The Difference Between Implementer and Developer

There is a lot of confusion around naming WordPress roles. A lot of people call themselves WordPress developers when I think they would be more correctly called Implementers.

WordPress developers are people who create WordPress products from scratch. Whether thats themes, or plugins (or both) they are happy to work in code. They are often happy working with servers, and doing other more technical things.

Implementers, on the other hand, tend to be more client focused. They want to find quality themes and create happy customers. Implementers tend to buy a theme, and then customise them to their clients liking. As such they are less technical - although some knowledge of CSS, HTML and PHP is very helpful.

Skills Needed to be a Good Implementer

To be a good WordPress Implementer you should:

Tips to get started as a WordPress Implementer

Development Tips for WordPress Implementors

Improving WordPress Development Skills

Most WordPress Implementors have some development knowledge, but it's always a good idea to keep them up to date. Below are a few resources that will help your WordPress skills stay fresh.

The Best of Both Worlds?

WordPress needs both Implementers and Developers for the ecosystem to thrive. There's no reason you can't cross into both worlds.

I'm sure there are developers out there, who also purchase themes for clients with smaller budgets - and there's definitely developers who reuse other peoples plugins. These things save the developer time, and give their client a quality product.

It works the other way too - Implementers are likely to pick up more and more PHP and technical knowledge as they go and may end up branching out into products.

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