Translating Your Website Content

Having a website is an incredibly powerful thing - and can mean you will get visitors from all around the world. However - there's no guarantee that the visitors will your native language. This can mean you are closing yourself off to some locations.

The best way to fix this is to publish your content in multiple languages. However this is expensive - especially if you want to translate to many languages.

Another solution is to create a 'translations' page, and then make use of Googles translation tools to do the translations for you. This has the down side that the translations won't be perfect - but they will be a lot better than if you were to do this manually, and best of all are free.

The secret lies in the fact you can create a link to a Google translation of a website - so all you have to do is create a page that links to all of the possible translations.

To make this easier I have created a 'Translations Page Generator', that creates the html you need to add to your website.

To use this you should:

  1. In the WordPress admin create a new page
  2. Switch the page to html mode using the tabs in the top right
  3. Generate the html for your site from the translation page generator - then copy and paste the code into your translation page.
  4. You can now switch back to the visual editor and tweak the page content
  5. Publish the page, then add it to your menu/ sidebar.

This process works equally well on both and hosted websites.


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