Support vs. Customization

Since we're a small team (just two of us - of which only one does this full time) we are unable to help you modify or customize your theme outside of the supported features.

Working out what is covered by support, and what counts as a customization can be difficult so we created this document to outline the difference between support and customization of your purchased theme.


All themes have extensive documentation - and if you think there's anything missing then let us know and we'll improve the docs. We're happy to help you get theme features working and make your website resemble the theme demo site.

Example Support Requests


Customizing a theme involves any changes to the theme that are not mentioned on the theme info page or the support documentation. These generally involve either using plugins to change the theme functionality, or editing theme files to add features we had not originally invisioned.

Unfortunately we are not able to help with this however we have partnered with Codeable to offer our users a Theme Customization service.

Example Customization Requests

3rd Party Plugins

Our themes are coded using WordPress best practices so they should work with the majority of plugins. However there may be conflicts with some plugins since many of them work in weird and wonderful ways - and supporting all of the thousands of plugins available would be a technical nightmare.

The plugins we officially support, and will help resolve issues with, are listed on our plugins page.

New to WordPress?

Everyone is new to WordPress at some stage, and we understand it can take a bit of getting used too. Unfortunately we're unable to offer help on how to use WordPress since it's a massive subject.

Below are some handy websites that should help you get started:

If you're still stuck then there are many websites and tutorials out there that explain the WordPress basics so we would recommend using Google to try and find the solution to your WordPress problems.


We'd love to get some feedback to help us create better themes.

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