Chronicle Theme Installation

After purchasing Chronicle you will receive an email including your theme bundle download link. With this link you can download the zip file that contains your theme files.

Please note that on Mac OSX zip files get extracted by default - so check your downloads folder for the zip file before continuing.

Child themes are different to regular WordPress themes. They rely on a 'parent' theme to function, in this case that theme is Broadsheet. If the parent theme is not installed then the child theme will not work.

When you buy Chronicle you will also get access to Broadsheet, there is no need to buy both themes separately.

Preparing Your Themes

After downloading the .zip file to your computer you will need to extract it. Inside are two more zip files - one for the parent theme, and one for the child theme. These will need to be installed individually. The order that you install them does not matter - however Chronicle can not be activated until both themes have been installed.

Installation via the WordPress admin panel

This will work for self hosted sites and business plan. Installing your own theme is not supported on plans below the business one.

  1. Go to Appearance → Themes in your WordPress admin panel and click on Add New/ Upload Theme.
  2. Now you can upload the .zip file and click the Install now button. You will need to do the same for both themes.
  3. Once both themes are added go to Appearance → Themes, and select the theme you want to activate from the list. Then press activate

Installation via FTP

Alternatively you can also install the theme directly on your server with a FTP client (e.g. Filezilla for Windows or Cyberduck for Mac). To do this you will need to extract all zip files and then drop the un-zipped theme folders into your …/wp-content/themes/ folder. You can then head over to the WordPress Admin and see your installed theme in the Appearance → Themes admin screen. From there you can activate your theme by clicking on the Activate link.

Once installed the themes should use the following directory structure.


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