Portfolio and Projects

Portfolio and Projects requires the Jetpack plugin.

Adding a Portfolio to your website is a great way to show off your projects. Perfect for freelancers or Businesses to add work to the site.

Adding a Portfolio to your site

Portfolios functionality requires the Jetpack plugin to be installed and enabled. Once done you can enable a unique Portfolio content type to help organize your portfolio projects in a special section of your dashboard.

You can do this in two simple steps:

  1. In your site’s dashboard, go to Settings → Writing → Your Custom Content Types and make sure the “Portfolio Projects” option is checked.
  2. Add projects under the new Portfolio menu item in your sidebar.

After you’ve added some projects, they’ll be visible on your website at https://yoursite.com/portfolio/.

Editing Projects

Adding and Editing Projects is done in exactly the same way as the default WordPress blog posts or pages.

Like blog posts, you can set a Featured Image, and Categories to improve the look of your project page.

Some themes have additional support for projects and portfolios - adding custom layouts for the different pages. This makes it even more important that you pick big striking Featured Images.

Viewing Portfolio Projects

There are a few different ways to view your portfolio projects after they’ve been created.

The following links are created once you add portfolio projects, types, and tags. Be sure to swap the words in bold with your real site address. For example, if your project type is called Watercolors, your default slug will be watercolors and your address for the watercolors project type archive will be https://yoursite.com/project-type/project-type-watercolors/.

Note: Since portfolios are displayed automatically at the address https://yoursite.com/portfolio/ it’s important that you don’t create any pages, categories, or tags called “portfolio,” otherwise your projects may not display as intended.

Portfolio Shortcode

[portfolio] embeds an archive of your portfolio projects on posts and pages. Check out all the properties for the Portfolio Shortcode.

Supported Themes

Carmack, Label, Exhibit, Passenger, Puzzle, Monet



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