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Nov 19, 2009

New Features Added To Mimbo Pro

It’s been a busy couple weeks at Pro Theme, launching the new design, new themes and doing some housekeeping on existing themes like Elemental.

This week, Mimbo Pro got a few important upgrades, too:

  1. Custom Widgets

    Just like Elemental, Mimbo Pro is now infinitely more flexible thanks to custom widgets as you can see in this sample post.

    New Custom Widgets!

    New Custom Widgets!

    The new additions include:

    • Related Posts (by Tag) – this publishes 5 recent headlines from the same tag archive
    • Upcoming Posts – this publishes 5 headlines which are scheduled beyond the current date
    • Popular Posts – this pulls headlines from posts with the most comments
    • Author Details – this displays author avatar, comments feed and archive link

    These are in addition to 2 popular custom widgets already included with Mimbo Pro, “More from this Author” and “More from this Category”.

  2. Improved SEO Bits

    Owners of Mimbo Pro who use it as a parent theme, take note: changes have been made to the <h1> and <h2> tags which should improve general SEO and semantic markup. What does that mean? If you’re using a child theme with custom styling applied to either tag, you’ll need to update. Visit the forum and ask questions for further explanation.

  3. Author Archives & Full Width Templates

    For people running multi-author blogs, we’ve included a new custom Page template (“list_authors.php”) which lists all the authors, their avatars and their recent articles. You’ll see the demo looks like this:

    Author List Template

    Author List Template

    In addition, there is a “Full Width” page template (demo) which optionally gets rid of sidebars:

    Full Width Template

    Full Width Template

For a full list of everything piece of code that’s been touched, you can always access the changelog through your accounts panel.

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  1. Two tumbs up for bringing elemental elements over to mimbo pro!
    Im going to update it this weekend.

  2. Great job, guys! Glad you’re keeping Mimbo Pro up to date. I’m not changing anytime soon.

  3. Mimbo Pro hasn’t been forgotten about at all – I’m sure we will be adding more new features in the future as well :)

  4. Sounds great! Im really looking forward to each and every new addition, maybe even a new full version ;)

  5. I have to say, I’ve checked out dozens, and dozens of themes for a site I’m building for a client and the only one that comes close to ticking all the boxes – for support, flawless layout and features – is Mimbo Pro.

    And it’s not even a new design!

    I’d love to see a turbocharged Mimbo Pro. Adapted to take advantage of some of the new features, harmonised especially for 2.9 onwards and perhaps a few extra, simple hooks thrown in there for us to work with and aspire to understanding fully!

    Great work, Ben and Darren.

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