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Having used one of the first themes from Prothemedesign, Mimbo Pro, I already had a good feeling about the quality in terms of design and coding. As Elemental made its debut in a market where similar frameworks or parent themes had already settled, I had to evaluate what best suited the needs of my website.

Being a non-developer it was highly important to me to have a end-user friendly interface which would still allow me to implement my own features. In addition I had an opinion on SEO, load time, features that would easily let me add Google ad code, headers as well as giving me the possibility of controlling things centrally without having to touch a number of core files. Elemental and The Local have given me just that and at the same time enabled me to distinguish my website from being average.

The Prothemedesign team has a solid base of competence and skills who is indeed considering the user feedback whether it be minor details or major features. Prothemedesign is very much a two way communication when it comes down to the road ahead. It’s a great feeling being more than just a ‘simple user’.

Searching for a theme for my vision has been an absolute nightmare there are a multitude of offerings out there and finding the right solution for was tough.

Then I came across Pro Theme Design, in particular the nominate theme. At last a theme that fit with my idea of a user community submitting iPhone related news items, easy to use and even easier to rate apps and more.

The service and support from Pro Theme Design in particular Ben Gillbanks has been first rate. I would not hesitate in recommending Pro Theme for a second. Anyone thinking of creating a niche specialist interest voting site should use the Nominate theme it’s easy to use/mod and fun to work with.

Thanks Pro Theme team, from a very satisified customer.

Their name says it all: Pro Theme Design.

The PTD Team is as professional a group of theme developers as you’ll find in the WordPress community.
Not only were their Nominate and Elemental themes everything I could have asked for and more, but the support that Ben Gillbanks and the PTD Team provided after our purchase was equally awesome — to the point where I feel like I owe them much more than the $79.99 we paid for this awesome child and parent theme.

Nominate, specifically, is truly a social voting community in a box, with tons of customizable options, and, more importantly, built-in Spam control so your community can keep moving along and remain engaged without any distractions, bugs or malicious posts. Thanks again to the PTD team for another innovative set of themes. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next.

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Pro Theme Design began in 2007 as a collaboration between two web designers...

Darren Hoyt
Darren Hoyt

Charlottesville, VA, USA

Established in the WordPress community for projects like Mimbo and Agregado, Darren also has 14 years experience designing websites for businesses and startups. His role at Pro Theme is taking what Ben builds and making it beautiful and simple to use.

Ben Gillbanks
Ben Gillbanks

Exeter, England, UK

Ben is a WordPress ninja, best known for creating Regulus. More recently he took over the development of the image-resize script TimThumb. He spends his time at Pro Theme Design turning Darren's ideas into reality.

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