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  1. What are your refund policies?
    We really hope that everyone will enjoy our themes but if you something should not be up to the high standards you need then we would be happy to offer a refund within 30 days of purchase. The only thing we ask is that you explain the reason for the refund so that we can fix any issues for future customers. In addition we will always aim to fix any bugs found within our themes as quickly as possible.

    Outside of the first 30 days we are unable to offer refunds however we realise there are often problems outside your control and will consider each problem on a case by case basis. If you think you should need a refund then please contact us via our helpdesk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  2. What are your support policies?
    We offer support, via the forums, on Monday to Friday from 9am – 5:30pm GMT, and occasionally at the weekends. Unfortunately we do not offer email or phone support.

    We try to answer all emails within 24 hours but regret that this isn’t always possible. We’re a small team with limited resources so can’t always do things as quickly as we would like. Rest assured that we will always get back to you though.

    Pro Theme Design support covers all technical problems you may have with the theme (eg getting TimThumb, the image resize script, up and running) however we do not offer support for customisations and modifications outside of the relevant theme documentation. However you are welcome to hire web designers to get help with editing your theme.

    Our themes are designed to work smoothly with the latest version of WordPress. We can not offer support for the use of third-party applications (ie WordPress plugins) but will be happy to help at our discretion.

  3. What are your licensing policies?
    All of our products are licensed under the same license as WordPress, the GPL – there is more information on the GPL license available on the WordPress Codex. Support for Pro Theme Design products will only be given to those who purchase a Pro Theme Design product.
  4. Can I upgrade one of your products?
    Assuming you have purchased a single/ basic license then we would be more than happy for you to upgrade to the developers/ multi site license. All you have to do is login to your accounts control panel and you will find a special coupon code for upgrading to the next version minus the cost of whatever you have paid so far.
  5. What is the difference between a Single site (or Basic) and a Developers license?
    The core difference between the Basic and Developers licenses are the support we give. A Basic license will only give you our support for a single website, whereas a Developers license gives you support for all websites. Additionally a Developers license will get you Photoshop (PSD) files to assist with your theme modifications, and a 20% discount off future developers purchases that you may make from us.
  6. How often are products upgraded? Are they always free?
    We do not schedule updates however we do update themes regularly – in particular Elemental.

    We make announcements on the blog for major product updates. You can also check in to your account and download upgrades at your leisure. For all point releases eg 1.1 and 1.2, the updates will be free. We reserve the right to charge for major updates (eg from version 1 to 2) however this is not something we plan to do regularly.

  7. Who are BlueSnap? Are my payment details safe?
    All payments and purchases are done through a third party payment provider that specialises in these types of services so they have world class systems for protecting purchasers data – in fact we don’t even get to see your payment information. We can see who bought what but we are not allowed access to your credit card information.
  8. Do you offer theme modification or help with customisation?
    Creating themes for your use is our passion. We like to create flexible usable themes and unfortunately this takes up all of our time so we are not available to make modifications or do custom work.
  9. What browsers do you support?
    We support all modern browsers with our themes. Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari will be fine with everything we build. Internet Explorer 7 & 8 will also work. Unfortunately Internet Explorer 6 is not fully supported. Whilst we strive to make our themes work in as many browsers as possible we do not support outdated browsers. Ideally all themes will be usable, but Internet Explorer is likely not to have all the functionality of the up to date browsers.
  10. I have purchased multiple themes but only see 1 in my account. Where are the others?
    Generally the reason for this is that the different themes were purchased with different email addresses and so there is no way to match the two. If this happens then please just send us a message through the forum, including your email address and purchase details, and we would be happy to merge the accounts.
  11. How can I update my theme?
    Theme updates are always available for paying customers to download whenever they want. We update the theme code regularly so it’s worth keeping things up to date. You can access your themes with your purchase information at this url:
  12. Can I move my purchase from to a self hosted website?
    Unfortunately themes purchased on are separate products and so are non transferable. This is detailed on the premium theme page on However – we do offer a discount code for customers who want to move from over to a self hosted blog. Please contact us through the forum if you want to make use of it.
About Us

Pro Theme Design began in 2007 as a collaboration between two web designers...

Darren Hoyt
Darren Hoyt

Charlottesville, VA, USA

Established in the WordPress community for projects like Mimbo and Agregado, Darren also has 14 years experience designing websites for businesses and startups. His role at Pro Theme is taking what Ben builds and making it beautiful and simple to use.

Ben Gillbanks
Ben Gillbanks

Exeter, England, UK

Ben is a WordPress ninja, best known for creating Regulus. More recently he took over the development of the image-resize script TimThumb. He spends his time at Pro Theme Design turning Darren's ideas into reality.

Email us general questions or visit the support section with product questions.