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Mimbo Pro Help


  • WordPress 3.0+
  • PHP 5.2+ and a MySQL database
  • A host server with GD library (very common)


  1. Setup WordPress on your web space (info on WordPress and Theme installation here)
  2. Download your theme from the accounts control panel.
  3. Install/ Upload the theme on your website. There are sometimes problems with using the WordPress theme uploader so you may need to upload the theme files manually using an ftp client
  4. To experience the real power of Mimbo Pro, first get acquainted with the control panel options by visiting the admin page on your WordPress powered website ( clicking Appearance > Theme Options.
  5. Go to “Appearance > Widgets” and insert content for your sidebars and footer
  6. If you’re an author, click the Users > Your Profile and insert your biographical information. Your photo will automatically be inserted using Gravatars (more information on
  7. Search around the forums and read what people are doing with Mimbo Pro
  8. We recommend setting your permalinks to “Date and Name Based” to ensure all feeds work correctly
  9. Go set up an account at for your author photo
  10. To make the carousel display you should select a carousel category, and a carousel quantity from the theme options page

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get a coupon to upgrade to v2.0?
    Log in to the accounts system by entering your email and the reference number from your previous order. A dashboard message will provide the coupon code for upgrades.
  2. How do I associate an image with a post?
    Mimbo Pro comes with code which automatically pulls the first image from the body of your post, resizes it and inserts it on the homepage, category pages and search page. If there is no image in your post, the script checks for a custom field called “Image”, to support older versions of the theme.
  3. Why aren’t my images working?
    First make sure your /scripts/cache/ folder is set to 777 and that you’ve confirmed GD Library is installed correctly on your host server. If your theme is installed somewhere other than the root folder, make sure to adjust your control panel under in Settings->Miscellaneous. If you still have no luck, please consult the forums. The images are resized with some software called TimThumb – there is more info on configuring TimThumb available here
  4. How do I add author photos?
    The author archive photo corresponds to your account, which must be set up beforehand
  5. How do I customize the masthead logo and background image?
    This can be easily done in the control panel by clicking Appearance > Custom Header.
  6. How do I keep my excerpts looking consistent?
    By default, WordPress excerpts use the first 55 words of a post, but you can always tailor them yourself by using the Excerpt field in the Write panel.
  7. How do I use the custom masthead tool if I’m using a child theme?
    All the included child themes come with specific pre-styling for the masthead area, which can be easily overwritten in order to utilize the custom masthead tool. Just open the child theme stylesheet and delete the line that looks like: “#masthead { background: #000 !important;}
  8. How do I change the jpeg quality in the automated cropping and resizing?
    Cropping and resizing is done in scripts/timthumb.php, you can edit the default value (currently 70) on line 24.
  9. Why are my category summaries/ carousel/ homepage headlines not showing up?
    If your installation of WordPress is new, some stories won’t show up at first. This is because Mimbo Pro deliberately prevents any redundancy of content on the homepage between category summaries and the other content regions at the top of the page (lead story, recent news, carousel). As you continue adding new content, eventually the summaries will begin filling in.
  10. Why do the category summaries not appear on the homepage?
    Category summaries will only show up when there are posts in the categories.
  11. Can I customize color and layout without affecting future versions of Mimbo Pro?
    Mimbo Pro comes with three child themes. Two are colorful, and one (“Basic Starter”) is for developers starting from scratch. What is a child theme? It’s a smaller theme which inherits most of its code/functionality from its parent. Thus, when new versions of Mimbo Pro are released, your customizations (saved to your child theme folder) are not overwritten. Read more about child themes on our Child Theme support page
    Note: if you intend to both customize Mimbo Pro and adopt future upgrades, it’s strongly recommended that you create your own child theme rather than editing the Mimbo Pro core files.
  12. Why don’t my category drop-down menus show up?
    Some menu items may not display in your menu’s. The reason for this is most commonly that categories have been created but they do not have any posts in. Generally this is fine (why link to an empty category) but if your parent category has no posts in it then it may not display it, or it’s children. So make sure that any category you want to display in the menus has at least one post in it.
  13. How do I align the crop location in my post thumbnails?
    Aligning the post thumbnail in Mimbo Pro requires a custom field to be added to each post. The custom field should be called ‘align‘, and the value can be t, b, l, r, tr, tl, br, or bl. More information is available on these properties on this blog post about crop positions with TimThumb.
  14. Why doesn’t the carousel display?
    This is generally for one of 2 reasons.

    1. The carousel options have not been set in the theme admin. Choose a carousel category and a carousel display quantity and it should show
    2. A plugin has introduced some javascript that is conflicting with the carousels usage
  15. I upgraded to WordPress 3.X and the carousel broke, what gives?
    With WordPress 3.0 the version of jQuery included was updated, and this included some code that broke the jCarousel plugin we use for the theme carousel. The latest version has the fix included, you can download it from the accounts control panel, however if you have made a lot of changes this won’t help, so you can read the blog post here for help on fixing it manually.
  16. What are the dimensions for the header image?
    The header image is 960 x 108 pixels in size. It will be resized automatically but if you want to size things yourself then you can use this to create the image at the right size from the start.
  17. How can I customise my blogs menus?
    WordPress 3.0 introduced custom menus, and Mimbo Pro supports these, however they work in a slightly different way to other themes. To make use of the menus you must set up a new menu in your website settings (appearance -> menus) and then go to the theme options and select the newly created menu in the ‘Main Navigation’ setting. The menu will then display on your website.
  18. How can I change the order of the featured categories on the homepage?
    There is no way to edit the order of the categories with Mimbo Pro itself, however you can use a plugin such as the Order Categories Plugin.
  19. I have just updated to Mimbo Pro 3 and now my post thumbnails are strange sizes. What can I do to fix this?
    The reason the images show in inconsistent sizes is because they were uploaded before you started using Mimbo Pro 3. The theme has a number of sizes built in and as you update the content on your site the images will start coming out in the correct dimensions. If you want to make the old images the correct size you can use this plugin: Ajax Thumbnail Rebuild



Currently we have the following languages available:

If you would like to contribute a translation in exchange for a single-license copy of Mimbo Pro 2.0, please download the blank English (en_EN.po) file, fill it out, save it correctly and send us a link.

Custom Templates

Mimbo Pro has a number of page templates included as standard and below are descriptions of what they do. For basic information on setting them up read the “Creating Custom Pages” documentation.

  • Archives (archives.php)
    The Archives are a paged historical list of all of the posts that have featured on the site, ever.

  • Full Width (full_width.php)
    Full Width is a standard page layout, only the sidebar has been removed giving you more space to do interesting things with.

  • Contact (contact.php)
    The Contact page template gives you a simple method for adding a contact form to your website. This page requires you to have completed the information in the email section of the admin control panel (such as filling out the subject and the from address)

  • Image Gallery (image_gallery.php)
    The image gallery is a page archive of all of your posts, however instead of displaying the posts in the traditional way it displays the images associated with the posts – just like an image gallery.

  • List Authors (list_authors.php)
    Lists all of the accounts on the website who have posted some content on the blog.

  • Sitemap (template_sitemap.php)
    Lists every post ever written on your website on a single page. I would recommend linking to this page somewhere fairly subtle (in the footer?) and then placing that link on every page. This is fantastic for SEO as it means every post on your site is linked to quickly and easily and so will show up in the search engines.

About Us

Pro Theme Design began in 2007 as a collaboration between two web designers...

Darren Hoyt
Darren Hoyt

Charlottesville, VA, USA

Established in the WordPress community for projects like Mimbo and Agregado, Darren also has 14 years experience designing websites for businesses and startups. His role at Pro Theme is taking what Ben builds and making it beautiful and simple to use.

Ben Gillbanks
Ben Gillbanks

Exeter, England, UK

Ben is a WordPress ninja, best known for creating Regulus. More recently he took over the development of the image-resize script TimThumb. He spends his time at Pro Theme Design turning Darren's ideas into reality.

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