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Mar 12, 2008

Mimbo Pro Magazine Theme Released

A long-awaited, full-featured magazine/news theme for WordPress — Mimbo Pro is finally here!

Already familiar with the original Mimbo? Imagine no more manual template editing, no more Photoshop, no more image-cropping or FTP’ing. Plus a built-in contact form, image gallery, custom archive pages, breadcrumbs, ad management, Feedburner and Google Analytics options, and more. Enjoy using WordPress like a CMS, now more than ever.

Product & Purchase Details, Live Demo, you can even Buy it Now, and talk about it on the forum.

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  1. hello ben

    1. amazing theme, congratulations.

    2. i would like to translate this theme to german and albanian. if you like the idea, write me a email.

    till later

  2. how does it go with WordPress MU?

  3. Kux – thanks :)

    We are currently looking into options for translating. I will ask Darren what translations he has (since people have done some already) and will get back to you if we need the help.

    Lover Man – we haven’t tested with WordPress MU yet, but hope that everything works ok. AFAIK there are issues with the admin bar and possibly the image resizing, but having not used WordPress MU I can’t say for sure.

  4. Darren

    I am looking in FAQs and really don’t see any full disclosure about the ease of the upgrade from the Free theme to the Pro theme.

    How painful will this process be to a)complete as a novice blogghead b)how steep is the learning curve in making the transition from the free theme to the Pro theme?

    My blog site just went to Google PR 3 with your wonderful template – but programmer I am not!! Will I want to kick you and my own butt if I make this purchase on Cinco de Mayo!?


  5. Gina – you would probably be better off asking Darren via his contact form since this is my website not his. However as far as I know (and I can’t guarantee anything) the Pro theme should work fine. The only thing I am not sure about is the custom images

  6. hai Darren,
    I’m from Indonesia. I know you site in KOMPAS newspapers (13 augt 08). may I maked ‘site free-account’with your site?

  7. Timthumb.php does not work with WordPress MU — I have tested.


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