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Jan 2, 2013

Helpful WordPress Websites

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems and blog publishing platforms. The sheer multitude of features it provides just cannot be matched by most other options available today. More than 22% of all new websites in the world are powered by WordPress – and this in turn means that a lot of websites have been created to offer WordPress help and to tell you about the number 1 blogging platform.


WordPress Help

WordPress probably has the best and biggest community of all the blogging platforms, and so there are many websites that offer services and helpful tutorials about the software. Here is a small selection of the many sites available:

WordPress Codex: This is one of the best places to learn more about WordPress. From the makers of WordPress, the Codex page is an exhaustive list of topics related to working with WordPress. Everything from guides to features, themes and troubleshooting, you can find almost anything related to WordPress on this website. There is also a forum which has some very active members, who often help out when possible.

WPBeginner: This is another site for people who are just beginning their online business journey with WordPress. The website itself is very clean and beginner-friendly and includes articles, tutorials and WordPress freebies. In addition to helpful articles, WPBeginner also provides WordPress-related services. These include custom WordPress designing, training and consulting.

EasyWPGuide: The content that this website has to offer is pretty helpful for beginners. This site offers a manual that helps beginners to take the plunge into WordPress the proper way. The guide is a well-designed online resource that has everything categorised neatly, and focuses on the basics of it all. The guide has also been updated for the recently released WordPress version 3.5.

WordPress Lift: Created by an avid WordPress fan, WordPress Lift has all sorts of resources and inspiration galleries – along with occasional news, reviews and tutorials.

WordPress Vote: Ok, so I made this site, it runs on the Nominate theme available for sale here, but it’s also (IMO) a nice collection of WordPress resources. Some of these I have mentioned above, and others are user submitted.

WordPress Tuts: The tuts network has built a reputation for quality tutorials – and this is their WordPress tutorials site. Aimed more at developers than webmasters this site is a great resource if you want to learn the more technical aspects of your favorite blogging app.

WordPress Realm: Relatively new in the WordPress world, WordPress Realm is a site that covers all the news and happenings in the WordPress community. A great place for keeping up to date on the changes that are going on in the community.

Honorable Mentions

If those weren’t enough, below are a few more you might like to check out (add a comment with your site below and I might just add you to the list :)):

  • WPDaily – covering news, reviews and opinion pieces – all about WordPress. John from WPDaily interviewed me recently.
  • There’s a Theme For That – a site that showcases many many premium WordPress themes.
  • WPKube is a long time member of the WordPress community and has a nice collection of news, tips, roundups and industry opinion pieces.


Clearly this isn’t an exhaustive list of sites – are there any others you would recommend?

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  1. of course, we’re stoked about WP Daily, which we interviewed Ben last year.


  2. While I am probably biased because I created the site, I think is a helpful site for anyone who is looking for a WordPress theme. We have indexed over 1700 themes as of today from over 100 different WP theme makers. You’ll surely see some ProThemeDesign themes there!

  3. Hi Ben,
    As Matt said, I´m also biased because it is my site, but I consider to be a very helpful tool, specially for beginners who want to now how other people built their sites in terms of themes and plugins being used to achieve certain features, functionalities or appearance.

  4. Hi Ben,
    Nice!! Actually, the first site that I know and still am dropping by everyday is WPbeginner.
    So much useful information are provided, my vote definitely for WPbeginner.
    But my personal thinking, Wpmajor – , also is worth to have in your list.

  5. Nice list, Ben. I may be a bit biased but I’m a fan of ;).


  1. Helpful WordPress Websites
  2. Helpful WordPress Websites

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