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    Hi guys, We have made some modifications to your site, adding sorting tabs (essentially the same as the homepagetabs) to categories, tags, authour pages as well as for comments. We are having a few bugs, 1. with the pagination and 2. with the reply box in the comments. I know this forum isn’t intended to support modifications, but it would really help if you could take a look at the code. I think some of the changes could benefit the general nominate theme and you would be free to use them.

    James I contacted you about two weeks ago via your site for freelance work but never heard back.





    I was able to solve the first half of this problem, i now have the ‘homepagetabs’ on all parts of my site, homepage, categories (archive), tags, author and comments and they all work. I now have implemented jquery paging within each tab so the page doesnt need to reload when chaning pages, but the initial load is a bit longer.

    I am still having a little bug on my comments. Basically I have 3 tabs to sort my comment Best (which orders by vote), Date (old to new) and Date (new to old). The problem i’m having is that the reply box, that apears after clicking the reply link only appears when the best tab is selected. If you click reply on one of the date tabs, nothing seems to happen, but if u switch to the best tab you notice that the reply box has appeared there. Any ideas on how to fix this.




    Just some more information, from comment-template.php

    This is what every reply to a comment link is referencing:

    $link = "<a rel='nofollow'>ID) . "#$respond_id'onclick='return addComment.moveForm(
    "$add_below-$post->ID", "0", "$respond_id", "$post->ID")'

    For example (this is what firebug is saying is being called in html to reply to a comment with id 11):

    <a class="comment-reply-link"
    onclick="return addComment.moveForm("comment-11", "11", "respond", "11")"
    href="/url of post/?replytocom=11#respond">Reply> </a>

    Is there any reason why the reply field will only be displayed in the first tab and not displayed in the other tabs.



    You’re asking for what sounds like quite a complicated modification. The code you are changing is built in WordPress functionality so I am afraid I am not very familiar with it.

    If there was some way to see it in action then perhaps I could offer a better suggestion?



    I changed the way to sort the comments, instead of using the tab-nav jquery type menu, i just switched it for a normal hard-coded menu, unfortunately this requires a page reload everytime you switch the sort by options but it longer results in the problems I was having earlier with the comment reply form. I have one last issue but will make a new topic for it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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