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Feb 17, 2012

Introducing Mimbo Pro 3.0

It’s been almost 4 years since Mimbo Pro first hit the WordPress themes market. Since then we’ve made numerous enhancements to keep up with changes to the WordPress core, while maintaining the basic look and feel, and releasing additional child themes like the popular Dispatch. In that time, web design standards have also changed. Instead… Read More ›

Aug 24, 2011

Accumulo Theme – Photo And Advertising Updates

I got a tweet the other day asking if Accumulo supports photos in the RSS widgets. My answer, at the time, should have been no – but I had a couple of hours free – and so I got to work. In the next two hours I added two new bits of functionality to the… Read More ›

Aug 22, 2011

Nominate Broken Link Checking

The Nominate social voting theme allows you to give your visitors access to submit their own content to be voted on, on your website. The problem with this is you then have no control over what happens to their content in the future. If they delete a post, close the website, change the url structure,… Read More ›

Jan 04, 2011

Translations And Localisation For All Themes

One of the more popular feature requests is proper localisation in themes and I am pleased to say that we now have fully localised themes. Localisation is the art of making something suitable for different regions. In terms of WordPress themes it is making sure that all of the text in the theme can be… Read More ›

Oct 01, 2010

More Nominate Updates

The updates for Nominate just keep on coming. This one is actually quite a biggie – there’s some cool new features available that makes Nominate a really flexible voting theme. Nominate was originally conceived as a Digg style theme. It was designed for people to submit and vote upon websites. However as people have purchased… Read More ›

Sep 08, 2010

New Nominate Features Released

Since the release of Nominate it has undergone a whole series of new feature additions making it even more powerful and social. The features have mostly been designed based upon customers feedback. When I first made Nominate it was built purely for my own requirements and, whilst it was perfect for me, it didn’t do… Read More ›

Jul 05, 2010

New WordPress Theme Updates

It’s been a while since my last official theme updates – and this is a big one. Elemental has received the most updates, but all themes have gotten some new additions and fixes. All the updates are ready now to download from the accounts control panel. Elemental and Child Themes To show off the new… Read More ›

Jun 18, 2010

WordPress 3.0 And Mimbo Pro

Last night WordPress 3.0 was released, it’s a fantastic update to WordPress and has added some great new functionality that we plan to add to our themes shortly. Most of our themes seem to be working perfectly (at least as far as I can see), however unfortunately the release broke the carousel in Mimbo Pro…. Read More ›

Jan 28, 2010

New Features Added To Accumulo

We got a lot of great feedback when we launched the Accumulo theme last week — thanks to everyone who offered comments and suggestions. We’ve started to incorporate some of those feature requests into the next version.

Jan 24, 2010

Massive Upgrades To Elemental

The Elemental framework for WordPress continues to be a hot-selling theme. According to the changelog, it received 396 code changes this month! Some were bug fixes and some were feature additions, but overall it continues to grow simultaneously more powerful and more clean, code-wise.

Nov 19, 2009

New Features Added To Mimbo Pro

It’s been a busy couple weeks at Pro Theme, launching the new design, new themes and doing some housekeeping on existing themes like Elemental.

Nov 18, 2009

New Features Added To Elemental

This week we added some very cool updates to the the Elemental framework which make the homepage and sidebars even more flexible. Thanks to everyone in the forums for making great feature suggestions.

May 19, 2009

Mimbo Pro 2.2.1 Upgrade Released

Whilst working on Dispatch, we found a couple of small Mimbo Pro 2.2 issues that needed a patch so we’ve added those, plus a couple of new features….

May 12, 2009

Mimbo Pro 2.2 Released

Today we’re happy to announce another update to Mimbo Pro, making it version 2.2. This update is totally free and available from the accounts control panel. On top of the normal bug fixes, new features this time include: Search result highlighting. The search phrase is now highlighted in the search results pages making it easier… Read More ›

Apr 20, 2009

Mimbo Pro 2.1 Update Released

Mimbo Pro 2.0 has been out for about a month now and since it’s release it has seen many many updates and bug fixes. We have been tweaking and improving the theme quite considerably to make it stronger and more flexible and we think it’s in a really good place now. Some of the new… Read More ›

Mar 19, 2008

Mimbo Pro Updates To Version 1.1

Today we sent out the first update for Mimbo Pro. We were hoping to stick to only updating to fix bugs but we had some ideas for new features and couldn’t resist adding them. An abbreviated version of the changes is… new control panel options for carousel count and page/ categories in top navigation full… Read More ›

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